January 14, 2019

Following a Welsh Perry & Cider Society project to find heritage fruit trees in Wales we have had two species of perry pear confirmed as genetically unique to our farm.

One of these trees is an heirloom, rather than graft, meaning it grew from seed. This tree has been confirmed as the second girthiest pear tree in Britain!

Grafts were taken from these trees and we have now planted 25 saplings across the farm. More saplings have been sent to university museum...

October 22, 2018

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Mark from Fire & Wild and Julian from Pursuit International Magazine here at Three Pools. Their mission here was to harvest the ingredients for Fire & Wild's upcoming back-to-nature outdoor dinning experience. Fire & Wild specialise in bringing people into the environment where their food is foraged, hunted and produced - providing the authentic experience that we as a society have become very much detached from....

September 23, 2017

It was late September, the hedgerows were bulging and the fruit was ripe. It would be the first serious jam / conserve making session at Three Pools, so we thought it would be best to call in the expertise of our good friend and jam legend Kitty (AKA Sandy's Mum). 

We had a huge variety of fruit from the farm including: Greengages, Damsons, Figs, Crabapples, Blackberrys, Gelder Rose and Rosehip to name a few. Our mission for the weekend was to expe...

August 19, 2017

We moved onto the farm on the 1st of August and it was apparent from the moment we got there we were going to have an abundance of perry pears to harvest in the not so distant future. Luckily we knew the perfect partners for this operation; The Old Tree Brewery. The Old Tree are specialists in working with nature to create natural drinks that exceed all taste expectations. 

The weekend of the 18th came around and the pears were ready to b...

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