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Feral & Feast

It was a clear and magical evening when Mark and his team at Feral & Feast visited Three Pools to provide a private party with an open fire dining experience they would never forget.

Mark, the founder and head chef at Feral & Feast, mastered his open fire cooking techniques whilst living wild across Scotland and Europe. He would hunt, catch and forage all of his food.

The feast was cooked on Mark's bespoke hand crafted iron cooking equipment, over an open fire, in front of the group of sixteen. The alfresco feast was served over five courses with field cocktails and wine pairings.

Highlight courses; Stream - Sloe-gin cured trout, horseradish crème fraîche, chilly pickled cucumber and rye crisp breads / Orchard - Pears poached in perry & grilled over the fire, blackberries, walnuts and sour cream.

A beautiful and memorable evening with truly exquisite food and atmosphere. Stay tuned for more Guest Chef evenings at Three Pools!

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