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Growing Veg - Raised Beds

Due to an enormous amount of building works on the house being carried out over winter, spring and the start of summer we were a little late getting on the veg growing this year. However, we hit the ground running around the middle of June.

Coinciding with permaculture thinking our long term aim is to have a no-dig vegetable garden in our raised beds growing area - It will take a few years though to get the soil to a quality where we can grow fully no dig, so for the next couple of years we will be digging, adding organic compost and increasing the soils nutritional value.

Companion planting is something that made a lot of sense to use - planting different vegetables and herbs in the same raised bed. The good companions benefit their neighbours by either releases certain chemicals which the other plants need or act as pest deterrents. For example planting spring onions next to carrots helps to reduce the impact of carrot fly - so does raising the growing area and using raised beds.

An example of one of the very successful raised beds we planted out consisted of; Spring onions, finger carrots, beetroot, radish's and dill. All of those species work well together and the results were astonishing.

Maybe give that combination a go in our garden and see how it works out for you!

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