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Agro Forestry at Three Pools

Hello everybody,

It's been a little while since we published a blog. But, you'll be pleased to know we are going to be doing more blog posts to share with you what we are up to on the farm!

Agro Forestry:

Agroforestry in action. We planted this area with lines of trees 4 years ago. The lines of trees include apple, pear, cherry, plum, hazel and willow. We then use electric fences to keep the cattle in the spaces between the rows, moving them up every 24-48hours.

We then don’t graze again for a couple of months. This section of the farm can’t be grazed for much of the year so was suitable to plant up in this way. Managing how we do we’ve noticed the grass grow much taller than anywhere else on the farm, theoretically having many more environmental benefits, including biodiversity, carbon sequestration and water infiltration. The cows seem to love it too and leave us with lots of beautiful dung to help improve the soil.


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