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What is Three Pools? 


Three Pools is a farm and event space founded in 2017. It is an attempt to scale up permaculture practices used in farming beyond what is currently done in the UK. It looks to research and demonstrate regenerative farming techniques, whilst producing nutritious, flavourful food and drink and hosting high quality events that bring people into the landscape.


The 141 acre farm is made up of a mixture of pasture, orchards, woodlands and a newly planted vineyard. Located in the foothills of the Black Mountains the farm provides a picturesque, secluded location for retreats and events.


The farm is raising cows, sheep and pigs for meat. It has its own on site butchery. We also produce honey, various fruits and have planted a vineyard; expecting wine to be available from 2028. 


We have a club and bar licensed to play music till late. We host a variety of music and food focussed events ranging from 30-500 people. Sign up to our newsletter and follow our socials to keep up to date with tickets. 


Our in-house team of chefs allow us to curate high quality food either for wedding banquets or food stalls. Plus over the winter months we run a guest chef series bringing in external talent to showcase different takes on flavour.


What's Going on at Three Pools 

Watch our film, Against the Grain on vimeo for some insight into what’s happening here. (


We want to bring people into a farming landscape that has been designed to be ecologically functional. In bringing them here we allow them to reconnect with the land and with their food. Farming can be done differently. We want to create an edible biodiverse landscape that leaves you inspired as to what is possible if more farmers changed their practices. 


We believe farming is the greatest opportunity to reduce, mitigate and adapt to what’s coming from the effects of climate change. 


Our events include craft experiences, farm tours, wellbeing retreats, workshops, art exhibitions, corporate retreats, feasts, weddings, private parties and music festivals.


We now have plenty of experience running all sorts of events, plus a fully licensed bar and club. So if you have ideas for any type of event you would like to put on, get in touch. 


We have our own butchery in which we hang and cut our meat. We supply both restaurants and individuals, so if you are interested, please send us a message.


Events at Three Pools
Thomas Daniell - Old Tree Brewery

"Exactly what the earth needs right now!"

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