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What is Three Pools? 


What's Going on at Three Pools 

We want to bring people back to their agricultural heritage, allowing them to reconnect with the land and understand how their food is produced.


As well as farming we are utilising the land to host craft experiences, retreats, workshops, feasts, weddings and private events.


Whilst we are currently in an observation stage, which will determine our future master plan, we will be harvesting what we already have growing on the land. There will be plenty of opportunities to attend these land based events and learn more about what happens at Three Pools.


This is an exciting time for everybody and we welcome individuals and groups on the journey. 


Three Pools is a 141 acre farm made up of a mixture of pasture and woodland. Located in the foothills of the Black Mountains, the farm also provides a picturesque, secluded location for retreats and events. 


Inspired by Permaculture design, the farming system is being converted to balance high-quality food production with a beautiful landscape in harmony with nature. 


Unlike most industries, agriculture has the opportunity to go beyond improving efficiencies and reducing pollution. A well-designed landscape can work to rebalance the global environmental system reducing the extent and rate of climate change.


Three Pools is looking to lead the transition to a new agricultural system. We will be working with various organisations to demonstrate and research the most innovative sustainable farming techniques available. We hope that in time, by fully studying the effects of land use change, we can provide the evidence to redesign relevant Government policy.

Events at Three Pools
Thomas Daniell - Old Tree Brewery

"Exactly what the earth needs right now!"

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