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Our Vision 

We want to see a truly sustainable farming system, one that benefits the environment, community and is economically viable. 


Agricultural policy change is a bright opportunity presented by Brexit. If we can contribute to an evidence base that leads towards improved farming systems, we can provide a solution to some of the issues of intensive commercial agriculture.  As part of the Regenerative Agriculture movement, we are working with global partners to try and achieve this at an international level.


On the farm, we will be looking at perennial systems; forest gardens, silvopastures, rotational grazing, herbal leys, terrace systems and other innovative techniques.  We hope our functional and beautiful landscape will allow people to see for themselves the benefits of a balanced healthy ecosystem.


Connecting with nature and good quality food is so important for our health and wellbeing. Diversifying the farm into a welcoming space for guests allows us to connect people with their food and the land it comes from. The benefits of Permaculture design extend beyond the natural environment.


We see Three Pools becoming a hub for green business, community and nature. A farm environment designed to include people in the landscape.


Distance View.JPG



To use Three Pools to boost the profile of permaculture farming and regenerative agriculture.


To work with academics to fill the evidence gap on sustainable farming, leading to policy change at a national level. 


To achieve a successful business model that can inspire others with an example of how to redesign farm systems.

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