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Our Vision 

We want to see widespread change to the UK’s farming system. One that uses regenerative practices to produce nutrient dense, flavourful food. We want a food system that is equitable, in that food is produced at a reasonable price without harming the environment. 


We are using the farm here to research and demonstrate the practicalities of implementing some of the more forward thinking approaches to farming that there are. To do this we are using permaculture design principles to help steer our journey towards a biodiverse, edible, ecologically functional landscape. 


Examples of ideas we are trying include agroforestry systems, bale grazing cattle overwinter, mixed species rotational grazing, woodland pigs and biodynamic vineyard practices. 


As we step outside the existing paradigm for farming we are taking a financial risk. To sustainably support us through this change we host events to give us that financial stability which gives us the freedom to be truly creative when thinking about land management. We aren’t forced to be extractive of the land. 


The events give us an opportunity to bring people into the landscape to see how farming could be done differently, and to learn more about how food is produced. Our chefs then get the opportunity to prepare the food produced in a variety of ways for people to enjoy on the farm itself. As local food as you could possibly get!


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Our Mission: 
Our mission is to inspire, entertain and educate. Through our events, food, music and regenerative land management.

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