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Come Bye!

Come Bye! A celebration of friends, the land, art and music. This mini-festival of 200 people had a twist, everyone in attendance was encouraged to contribute something to the event. We had some incredible contributions, to name a few; lectures, workshops, art installations (chainsaw carved 3 foot mushroom, interactive sheep and sheepdog installation), live bands, international DJ's, organic pizza's, vegan cafe and lots lots more.

The weekend went to prove that if people come together and all contribute something, whether that big or small, beautiful things can happen. Come Bye will certainly go down in Three Pools history and we hope to bring together again next year for more sharing of ideas and passions.

We ended the event with a solely wellness focused Sunday, yoga, meditation, herbal teas and a gong bath bought to us by our dear friend Bear. What a beautiful and healing way to end what was a wonderful weekend.

We would also like to thank the support of our village Llanvetherine for putting up with some noise on this particular weekend - we very much appreciate your co-operation and constructive feedback. Hopefully we will have even more of the village come by next year!

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