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Bird Identification Course

We have the pleasure of having bird watching and nature guru Neville Davies over to Three Pools for bird watching masterclass. Neville has been studying flora and fauna for over thirty years and is the author of five books on Ornithology. He regularly leads guided groups both in the UK and overseas.

We started by looking at bird feathers, flight, beaks, skulls, feet and eggs and their different uses. Nev bought all of these artefacts along for us to see and hold - this really helped with the education! We also learned skills to narrow down the birds you are looking at by use of field guides and clues such as wing bars, eye stripes, colours etc, and importantly, how to eliminate species to the one you are actually looking at. After some lovely farm-cooked soup - we headed out to the fields in search of putting our newly leaned skills to the test. It was a windy and rather wet day. However, despite the weather we still managed to sight 18 species of bird on the farm!

Everyone who came said they had learnt an abundance of new skills, tips and hints and will be looking forward to getting out there in the outdoors and having more confidence on their bird identification


We would like to thanks once again Neville for his time and a fantastic day!

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