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The Perry Renaissance - Old Tree Brewery

We moved onto the farm on the 1st of August and it was apparent from the moment we got there we were going to have an abundance of perry pears to harvest in the not so distant future. Luckily we knew the perfect partners for this operation; The Old Tree Brewery. The Old Tree are specialists in working with nature to create natural drinks that exceed all taste expectations.

The weekend of the 18th came around and the pears were ready to be picked. However, first a little background on the pears here at Three Pools. We recently had confirmation from the Perry and Cider Association that one of the pear trees (The Big Tree) is completely unique, the only pear tree of it's kind in the world and we have the pleasure of naming it! The other two major perry pear trees at the farm have also been confirmed unique, twins.

Back to the Pear harvest, we managed to get together a team of 40 friends to come and assist with the shaking and pressing of the pears. It was a wonderful day full of camaraderie and appreciation of traditional countryside antics. We ended up with a few barrels of freshly pressed pear juice which is now slowly fermenting into what we hope will be delicious perry.

To find our more about the Old Tree Brewery, check out their website:


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