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Tupping Season

We have introduced our rams to the flock. By introducing them now we hope we will be lambing mid-late march. Lambing at this time we hope to be past the worst of the winter weather, but early enough that the lambs will ween to get early season grass growth which is more nutritious. This way we won't have to supplement their feed later in the year - keeping the farm system a closed loop.

As our flock is small we separated the ewes with the best put to our better ram; we will then bring the two groups back together after 26 days in case one of the rams is shooting blanks. A sheep's cycle is 13 days, so we're giving them two chances to service each ewe. Selecting ewes we're looking for a good big head, long bodies and level shoulders. Badger face as a breed have distinct markings on the face and underside we're also looking to keep true.


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