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Wellness Weekend 2019

The Wellness Weekend holds a part in all of our hearts here at Three Pools. It sets out directly to improve wellbeing, as well as encouraging people to get involved in wellness who might not have had the chance to do so before. We had a whole range of wholistic activities taking part over the weekend; yoga, meditation, thai chi, mindfullness workshops, fire circles, permaculture walks, ecstatic dance, gong baths and foraging.

The Celtic gods had been kind to us and gave a Friday and Saturday of pure sun - this was embraced by all and set the weekend up for outside land based practices. Here at Three Pools, we try and carry out as much as possible in the great out doors, helping guests and ourselves reconnect to the land - rewilding ourselves to a certain degree.

Debs our go to yoga instructor and all time owl goddess started each day by summoning different animal spirits to the land and then went on to lead her shamanic inspired yoga. People dipped in and out of the many workshops and walks throughout the weekend, we even had some brave folk dipping in and out of middle pool - it doesn't get much more wild than that.. We were 40 strong this year and the lawn was absolutely buzzing with the good vibes from dawn to dusk!

Gong master Bear Love joined us for the Saturday evening, with his modest 9ft symphonic gong. Bear graced our ears and inner soul with a captivating extended gong performance. We have had a few gong baths here at the farm, but I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say this one was extremely powerful (the organic vibrations that the gong emits helps to lease deep trauma within ourselves).

The entire weekend was held together by previous Three Pools Guest Chefs, Rupert and Chelcie. They treated us to a health focused mixed cuisine menu. Everything they cooked as aimed to repairing, replenishing and restoring the body - this coupled with the daily practices left people feeling well well wellnessed to say the very least.

A massive thank you to all the practice leaders who came (Debs, John, Pete & Lilly, Bear, Kersten, Kayla, Huw), the healers (Blaze & Rachel) and of course the chefs (Rupert & Chelcie). We hope to see many familiar faces back next year for yet another dance around the proverbial wellness May



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