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Our online shop is now here! It's a place for us to share what we grow, nurture and create here on the farm. We’ve selected a small range of staple products, all of which have been produced with the whole ecosystem in mind. This blog post will run you through the details of what’s now available to purchase, just in time for Christmas!

Apple Cider Vinegar

We started making our own ACV when we moved to the farm back in 2017. The process is a lengthy one as at first you need to ferment apple juice into cider. We were lucky enough to get a head start as we were given 1000 litres of surplus, wonderful sulfate-free cider from Ty Gywn; an award winning cider producer local to us. We started the process of turning the cider into ACV by oxidising the cider and turning the alcohol into acetic and malic acid. It’s aged for over three years now and the taste is fantastic, with strong smokey oak notes. The health benefits of ACV are countless, so most of us on the farm start our day with a shot, either neat or diluted in water.

Apple Juice

This year we managed to utilise all of our orchard's eating apples! For years we’ve been experimenting with storing them and turning them into various products, but we’re always left with a surplus. This year we decided to turn on the hydro-press (normally reserved for cider) and press them all into delicious apple juice. The main apple varieties used were Cpt. Tom's, Russets and some Bramleys for extra bite. In true permaculture fashion we pasteurised the juice in our biochar pasteuriser so each bottle has helped to sequester carbon. We love making hedgerow cocktails here at the farm and this apple juice serves as the perfect base.

Hedgerow Honey

Out of all the collaborations happening on the farm, the honey business is surely the sweetest! We were approached by a local bee man when we moved to the farm in 2017 who asked to put some eco-hives in a patch of our woodland and produce honey for the local market. Bees are such a fundamental part of our ecosystem so the idea of working with a local expert as we embarked on this journey was a no-brainer. The bees are managed in a sustainable way and we get our honey straight from the source. They feed on our abundant hedgerows and wildflower meadows so the honey has its own unique Three Pools flavour.

Garden Chutney

Utilising and preserving the produce we grow is one of the main goals for us on the farm. It enables us to eat our own food all year round. We grow the vegetables for the chutneys in our market garden and polytunnel. This year we had an abundance of green tomatoes, beans, onions and peppers, all of which have been transformed into perfect lunchtime and cheese board accompaniments.

Wool & Garms

We take a lot of pride in our ever-growing flock of badger face sheep. We actively promote the eating of older sheep, employing the sheep as longer-term land managers of our pasture. By keeping sheep for a longer period of time we’re also able to harvest more wool. We shear the sheep ourselves and send it off to one of the last remaining traditional weavers in Wales - Curlew Weavers Woollen Mill. They spin our wool into yarn and turn it into high-end woollen products including scarfs, blankets, pillowcases and yarn. The quality is exceptional and the yarn is particularly soft, good for both crocheting and knitting.


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