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Wellness Weekend

We had the pleasure of celebrating summer solstice weekend at Three Pools. This was our first wellness event that aimed to encompass all things wholesome and healthy. We had 40 people staying for the weekend consisting of friends, local neighbours and aspiring yogi's.

Our camping field was all go and the guests were the first to use our newly completed compostable toilets (These have been designed with willow growing around the edges of the loo to uptake the nutrients provided by its users).

To start proceedings Glady led yoga on the front lawn, followed by a spread of bread, fruit and muesli along side home made jams and teas for breakfast. Then we split in to two groups for a land walk, one with Clare - telling people about the healing power of local plants and how we can connect and utilise this connection. The group half followed Huw, who spoke about the long term plans for the future of the farm and how we intend to implement permaculture principles to the land.

Lunch and dinner over the weekend was lovingly cooked by Temple Assembly, providing all vegan wellness specific food. Botanical health drinks were brought by The Old Tree brewery, providing kombucha over the weekend. After lunch meditation was led by Kitty helping people bring their attention to breathing and mindfulness. Then there was a spiral dynamics talk, educating people on the Graves model and how people can better communicate and work as a part of a community or group.

The night entailed by congregating around Bear Love’s 12 foot symphonic gong beside a crackling fire on the front lawn where we were taken on a full bodied vibrational sound journey as the sun went down and the moon rose.

What a delightful weekend - we look forward to seeing a lot of these faces return in the near future!

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