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Summer Loving

We had the great pleasure of hosting three weddings here at Three Pools this year. Each one was unique in it's own way, but all had a deep connection to the land.

The first wedding was in mid July, and as you would hope for at that time of year, the sun was gracing all 120 guests. Dan and Persephone - the lovely couple - wanted a wedding venue that was nature-based and which took pride in their food. With Dan being a chef, the pressure was on! They chose to have the ceremony down by our bottom pools, which was the perfect setting for the occasion, with the sunshine and our resident Canadian geese lulling on the water behind the lovely couple. This was certainly the most alternative wedding of the year, with Dan rocking a pair of pristine rainbow hightops with teddy bears attached for the ceremony - fantastic! It was great to have some folk from Australia on Persephone's side of the family and it's safe to say they had wonderful time exploring our heritage Welsh stone barns.

The second wedding of the year was Owen and Siobhan's big day and was held in mid-August. Owen grew up in the local area and wanted to tie the proverbial knot in the rolling Welsh Hills. The couple got married in a local church and came to Three Pools for their reception and party. They were attracted to Three Pools because of our sustainable farming goals and they wanted to share their big day somewhere with a deep natural connection, as well as a great barn to have a party! Despite the weather forecast for Owen and Siobhan's big day looking on the wet side, we had a gift from above and the couple were blessed with sunshine. This was also a fully delicious vegetarian wedding!

The last summer wedding was the final weekend in August. Sian, another local Welsh girl, and Sam from the United States chose to get married here at Three Pools as they wanted an outdoor land-based wedding. All preparations came together like a dream for the couple's big day. After a beautiful ceremony on the lawn overlooking the bottom pool, they then dined under the walnut trees to a vegan mezze platter created by our good friends at Honest Edibles. For the sustainable meat lovers, we also had two of our mutton cooked asador style over the open fire on the side. The couple and their guests stayed in our lovely furnished bell tents, which worked a treat for some of the late-night partiers. We also owe a big thank you to Ness, at Togetherness Creative Weddings for planning such a beautiful day.

We could not have asked for lovelier couples to share this space with and to co-create an experience we hope they will remember for a lifetime. We felt honoured to host your special day, and we wish you all the very best!

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